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Across all business types there is one common thread, technology. Businesses need to understand how to leverage technology to enable business improvement and the impact of technology on processes and people. IT professionals need to understand business to maximize their contribution to the bottom line. Companies need to understand the impact of new concepts such as mobile, social media, cloud computing, and real-time data and how to apply them. Collaborative is driven to help organizations leverage both their current technologies through the application of new techniques and approaches, as well as new innovations to deliver optimal results in a pragmatic and executable way. Our team has deep experience working with client teams to make thoughtful technology choices and ensure that the implementation of solutions is optimal for their environment.

We offer a set of comprehensive solutions focused on creating synergy between business and technology. We cover a wide spectrum of solutions, including business process optimization, organizational change, information management, technology strategy and implementation. All of these services are focused on client success in achieving business advantage.

Business Process and Program Management: Business Process and Program Management services are designed to understand business objectives and current capabilities, identify strengths and areas of improvement, and define and execute actionable plans to implement both tactical and strategic solutions.

Software Solutions: Software Solutions services are based on a foundation of world-class architecture, expert software development skills and extensive delivering projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Software Performance and Quality: Software Performance and Quality (SPQ) services provide the formal, proven path to building and maintaining high quality, high performaning software, effectively and efficiently characterizing the quality of software projects artifacts, using onshore application testing resources.

Information Management: Information Management services help companies envision, architect, and implement data-centric solutions focused on optimizing and advancing this critical corporate asset.


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About Collaborative

Collaborative Consulting is a leading information technology services firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve business advantage through the use of strategy and technology. We deliver a comprehensive set of solutions across multiple industries, with a focus on business process and program management, information management, software solutions, and software performance and quality. We also have a set of offerings specific to the life sciences and financial services industries. Our unique model offers both onsite management and IT consulting as well as U.S.-based remote solution delivery.

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