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Collaborative Domestic Solution Center Overview

"The Onshoring of IT Services"

Defining Domestic Sourcing's True Value Proposition

The Collaborative Model

Onshore Delivery, Competitive Costs

Delivering IT services in an on-shore model can provide significant advantages, especially when the effort requires close communication, collaboration, business understanding and speed to market. At the same time, keeping costs low is critical, making major-metro consulting too expensive for these projects. Enter Collaborative Consulting and the CDSC. Often called onshoring, rural sourcing and other names, domestic sourcing provides a unique delivery model where skilled IT resources in favorable US geographies are deployed with traditional onsite IT consultants to deliver superior outcomes with competitive pricing. Located no more than two time zones away from any continental US location, the CDSC is able to tackle jobs that require tight collaboration, immediate and concise communication, sensitive timelines, business understanding, and superior quality that is difficult to accomplish in other models.

Example initiatives where the CDSC is a must:

  • Agile methodology projects
  • Business  Intelligence
  • Test case development and automation
  • Collaborative test execution

Any project where:

  • High quality is critical
  • Delivery timeline is tight
  • Business collaboration is required
  • Project risk runs high

A better approach to optimum IT outcomes with competitive costs: the Collaborative Domestic Solution Center (CDSC)

Collaborative Consulting is a pioneer in this exciting and valuable business model.

Our first location was established in 2011 in Wisconsin, engaging an ambitious and energetic US-based workforce with the right program management, training, tools, and methodology. The real power of the model comes from leveraging the combination of our long-standing consulting practice, our unique delivery approach, and the scale and cost control of the CDSC. We deliver solutions of unrivaled quality, while minimizing time to market and optimizing value. The CDSC has proven its value through dozens  of successful engagements, often working on highly specialized and business critical projects with tight deadlines and budgets.

Our Focus

The CDSC works with our dedicated client teams throughout the software development lifecycle, utilizing today’s technologies with a view towards tomorrow’s innovations. Our areas of focus include Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Software development and integration, Software testing and automation, and performance engineering.

The CDSC focuses on three primary phases of solution development:

Development and integration: Creating Business Intelligence (BI) and software solutions by leveraging Agile and iterative development methodologies to ensure quality and speed of delivery.

Application testing: Performing testing and test automation from both a functional and performance perspective, whether it is software Collaborative has developed, or software that our clients need to have tested to ensure success.

Application support: Manage post-launch support and enhancement on behalf of our clients to make sure the expected lasting value is achieved from their key applications.

Our Technologies

Technology domains include, but are not constrained to:

The powerful blend of US-based solution center resources,  in combination with our seasoned consulting professionals  in other Collaborative locations, provides our clients with an opportunity to take advantage of an unrivaled combination of experience, capability, quality, and value.

Our clients get:

  • Business and technology outcomes typically challenging or impractical with offshoring
  • Collaborative’s track record for “first time right” quality, reliability and consistency
  • Seamless, uninterrupted service and communication between our team and yours
  • Lower risk and total effective rate* as compared to other models

*total effective rate is the accurate measure of cost related to successful project outcomes

Our Keys to Success

Experienced, pragmatic, and dedicated team: Since our start in 1999, we have continued to hire full-time employees who are experts in their fields, bringing a practical, knowledge-based approach to helping our clients deliver successfully on their initiatives.

Integrated approach: Our methodology and approaches focus on ensuring that our clients can take the results of our work and continue to obtain value from it moving forward, even once we are no longer directly involved in the effort.

Accelerators: We have developed a set of accelerators that ensure success as well as speed of delivery. These accelerators have applicability to industry, as well as technology solutions, providing our clients with maximum value, and taking advantage of our collective experience.

Value: Combining a highly experienced team with several value-based delivery options ensures that our clients obtain the right services, utilizing the best model for their needs. Whether it is delivering our services on-site, off-site, or through a value- based partnership, we work with both our clients and partners to deliver the right services at the right price.

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To learn more about Collaborative’s industry-leading dedication to its clients and employees, or to become part of our team, contact a Collaborative professional at 781-565-2600.


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