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Software Performance Engineering- A critical component of Enterprise Risk Management

Software Performance Engineering is a critical component of Enterprise Risk Management.  In today’s complex and interdependent system environments, technology must provide an outstanding user experience for ten’s of thousands users.  The new workloads supported by these systems has become increasingly volatile with tremendous variance in average and peak.  Peak workloads are no longer simply 3 or 4 times the average.  They can rapidly increase to 10 or 20 times the average. Many systems in place today were not designed to rapidly scale to 20X the average. The performance and quality of software or a system is not just a technical issue, but also reflects how well the business operates and performs on a daily basis. In essence, proactive performance engineering is enterprise risk management.  PE ensures systems are able to scale with unexpected spikes in system demand whether driven by marketing events, or today's more volatile financial market behavior.

Collaborative’s software performance engineering services drive improvements in information technology and ensure scalability and stability for existing and planned systems, including improving overall quality, reliability, capacity, security, and performance. Collaborative provides expertise from strategic advisory services through tactical software performance tuning services, ensuring the success of your business and IT investments.

We bring a robust and programmatic approach to assessing, testing, and improving software performance. We work both at the initiative and program level, helping you engineer performance into solutions while still under development, or providing sound advice to improve, and if necessary, create, your in-house and software performance engineering (PE) operations.

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