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Privacy and Security

In compliance with generally accepted industry best practices, Collaborative Consulting maintains a Written Information Security Policy (WISP) to the letter of the law to ensure that all client and personal data is fully encrypted and access is restricted to only those who require it.  This provides for the security and privacy of the data stored on, redirected through, or processed by its technology resources. Collaborative Consulting encourages the use of these technology resources; however, they remain the property of Collaborative Consulting and are offered on a privilege basis only.
The IT Policy Review Team regularly modifies this and other security related policies to reflect changes in industry standards, legislation, technology and/or products, services, and processes at Collaborative Consulting.

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About Collaborative

Collaborative Consulting is a leading information technology services firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve business advantage through the use of strategy and technology. We deliver a comprehensive set of solutions across multiple industries, with a focus on business process and program management, information management, software solutions, and software performance and quality. We also have a set of offerings specific to the life sciences and financial services industries. Our unique model offers both onsite management and IT consulting as well as U.S.-based remote solution delivery.

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