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Every industry has its own unique set of business challenges and opportunities. That business environment changes depending on many things. The markets an industry serves, the targeted customer base it seeks, the supply chain structure and constraints it is subject to, the regulatory environment under which it operates and the current and predicted economics all play a factor. This has an obvious effect on both business processes as well as the technology that is leveraged to support those processes.

While many approaches can be applied to a wide array of industries and industry problems, an equal if not greater number cannot. Collaborative has developed specific services and accelerators for those challenges that require specific industry knowledge and solutions. Collaborative provides highly refined industry specific solutions ranging from technology accelerators such as pre-defined analytics for revenue management, to fully outsourced BPO solutions for compliance. These solutions are designed not only to speed the delivery of business centric solutions, but also relieve the burden of non-differentiated processing, so that the business can focus on the things that are unique to their value proposition.

Life Sciences

Optimizing business operations for a Life Sciences organization presents a multitude of unique challenges. As successful companies in the industry will attest, comprehensive and well-managed information is critical to effectively coordinating business processes and resources to begin respondings to market events and trends.

Financial Services

Financial Services firms are faced with a myriad of complex challenges, both strategically and operationally, in their quest to build a world class organization that is highly competitive in today’s marketplace.  The industry landscape continues to evolve rapidly with new products, client opportunities, technology considerations and regulatory requirements competing for organizational attention.  With so many competing priorities, Financial Services firms can employ a partner firm with extensive experience and practical knowledge to help rationalize and execute on current strategies to drive profitability and growth. 



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About Collaborative

Collaborative Consulting is a leading information technology services firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve business advantage through the use of strategy and technology. We deliver a comprehensive set of solutions across multiple industries, with a focus on business process and program management, information management, software solutions, and software performance and quality. We also have a set of offerings specific to the life sciences and financial services industries. Our unique model offers both onsite management and IT consulting as well as U.S.-based remote solution delivery.

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