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Collaborative Consulting experts will be presenting at the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) National Conference in Las Vegas
December 03, 2012 - December 06, 2012

Mark Lustig, Sr. Director of Software Quality & Performance will be moderating a panel on Enterprise Risk Management & Performance Engineering. Robert Jahn, a Principal Consultant in the Technology Enablement space, will be presenting a case study of Software Performance Engineering (SPE) techniques for certifying a customer support portal. Walter Kuketz, Sr. Vice President will be giving a session on Software Performance Engineering Body of Knowledge.

Enterprise Risk Management & Performance Engineering at 10:30am on December 4, 2012. All industries must manage risk.  Performance risks associated with system stability and response time can result in significant financial, security, and reputational exposure. Stock market crashes have shown business risks being exacerbated by technology without sufficient performance engineering. The interdependence across systems has created situations that require balance, much like electrical power grids. Regulatory compliance helps, but must include mature performance engineering processes. This panel will discuss performance and enterprise risks across Financial Services, Healthcare, and Retail industries.

Software Performance Engineering Body of Knowledge at 2:45pm on December 4, 2012. How well do you r Performance engineering teams, architects, capacity planners and operations monitoring teams share performance information across your Enterprise? Is there a well-defined career path for performance and capacity people in your company? This session introduces a Body of Knowledge. The goal of the Body of Knowlede is to help defin the profession of Software Performance Engineering, establish a common body of knowledge for the profession with well-defined Knowledge Areas. 

Software Performance Engineering (SPE) Techniques for Certifying Support Portal at  10:30am on December 7, 2012.This session presents a case study for the successful application Performance Engineering techniques for the certification of a customer support web portal. This case study will provide an overview of the system; project goals; workload modeling, simulation, and monitoring, approach, tools and techniques; challenges and lastly results. In particular, the scalability issues with the Java caching uncovered and addressed, topology and sizing of SOA tier that were analyzed and optimized, as well as many other valuable lessons were learned will be presented in detail.

The Computer Measurement group is a not for profit, worldwide organization of data processing professionals committed to the measurement and management of computer systems.

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